UVALDE,TEXAS -- A teacher promoting sex toys on a Uvalde elementary school campus won't be coming back next year.

Director of Community Council of Southwest Texas Richard Juarez, who oversees Gabriel Tafolla Academy
charter school, saidthe teacher's contract was not renewed.

But fellow teachers are fired up about the principal who they claim knew about it and participated, yet was recently promoted to superintendent.

Sex toy materials are being handed out on campus. Teachers are being invited to parties during school hours,
one teacher told KENS 5.

Two other teachers told KENS 5 the same story. They say a fellow teacher at the elementary campus was promoting sexual
toys and lotions as part of her side job with Sensual Play Things.

The anonymous teachers told us this would go on during school hours and on campus. They even say it happened
with the knowledge of the principal, Deanna Kilpatrick, claiming she kept some of the sexual items in her office.

Kilpatrick denied the allegations,saying there was only one conversation that happened on school property but after school hours.

I used poor judgment. I saw the sexual material, but it never happened during school hours. It was only after school hours. This whole situation is exaggerated, Kilpatrick said.

Juarez told KENS 5 the former superintendent decided to keep Kilpatrick, citing she didn't do anything wrong.

Juarez says he feels the situation was addressed by not renewing the teacher's contract but says he will look further into this issue.

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