HOUSTON A 14-year-old girl was arrested and charged Monday in the April death of her newborn son, Houston police said Tuesday.

According to police, the investigation was launched on April 22 after an elementary school student told a counselor that she d witnessed the death of a baby.

Investigators said the 14-year-old girl was afraid her mother would find out she was pregnant, and that she would get in trouble.

So police said she, her sister and two friends watched a video online about giving birth, and then she had her baby at a friend s apartment in the 10100 block of Bissonnet on April 16.

Investigators said the newborn was placed on a mattress, but his head was covered with what police believe was the amniotic sac, so he could not breathe.

The four juveniles were all present when the baby suffocated and died at the apartment, but no one called 911, police said.

How they made the determination of when this child s life came to an end is rudimentary at best. The child was no longer moving, and they assumed it was dead, HPD Detective C.P. Abbey said.

Investigators said there were no adults home at the time.

Once the juveniles decided the baby was dead, investigators said they wrapped him in a plastic bag and called one of their dads for help.

When interviewed by police, the dad led officers to a large Dumpster at an apartment complex, where he claimed to have placed the baby.

Everything was disposed of. I mean, everything, from the clothing that was worn, the bed linens and the bed, Abbey said.

Police learned the contents of the Dumpster were taken to an area landfill, but based on the volume and density of compacted trash, they were unable to search for the body.

So far, only the young mother has been charged in the case.

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