Attorneys filed new paperwork in court to request the release from prison of the so-called, San Antonio Four. The new legal action asserts the four women were wrongly convicted during trials in the late 90's.

One day soon our names will be cleared, said Anna Vasquez. She hopes one day soon she will be able to erase a sex offender label from her record and reunite with three other friends who she says were are all innocent.

To be labeled as a sex offender is difficult for me to accept, said Vasquez. That restriction really broke me down.

But on Tuesday evening, Vasquez had new hope that soon her name will be cleared of the monstrous crime she was convicted of nearly 13 years ago.

We can never get those years back, said Vasquez. The other three women are still sitting in prison. That's a huge injustice, she said.

The four of them were convicted during two separate trials of savagely molesting a 7 and 9-year-old girl over the course of a week in the summer of 1994.

Tuesday, attorneys Mike Ware and Keith Hampton, filed writs requesting the release of the other three women, Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera and Kristie Mayhugh.

We are agreeable to a bond in reference to the writ, said Susan Reed, District Attorney Bexar County. This all has to go through the courts, added Reed.

To finally know they'll be home soon is an awesome feeling, Vasquez said.

Vasquez is the only one of the four that has since been paroled.

But labeled as a sex offender by the Texas Department of Public Safety, she still felt imprisoned and is still restricted from going near her nephews and nieces.

Now though she's hopeful one day soon she can be around them again and reunited with her three friends.

It's been so long since we've all four been together, she said. It finally seems like its coming to a closure, she added.

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