SAN ANTONIO -- An open carry demonstration outside of a local Starbucks was broken up by police after passersby complained about the three men and their rifles.

The demonstrators, who posted a video of the entire encounter to YouTube, claim they were within their legal rights.

According to Texas law, this type of conduct isn't illegal as long as the weapon is not loaded.

However, San Antonio police Chief William McManus explained that the gun holder can still be charged with disorderly conduct if anyone, at any point, feels threatened.

It's a disorderly offense that officers will address accordingly, McManus said.

The 23-minute video was posted the YouTube on Aug. 24. It shows three men sitting outside a San Antonio Starbucks displaying rifles. Several passersby stop and talk to the men. At least one woman stops to take video on her cell phone.

Police eventually showed up after they received a call from a woman who claimed she was freaked out by the display of weapons. Officers approached the men, questioned them about the situation and told the gun holders they needed to leave.

The suspects were placed under what's called a non-custodial arrest, which means they were charged with a crime but were not taken into custody.

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