SAN ANTONIO -- The driver of a pickup truck struck a San Antonio bicyclist. A VIA bus happened to be nearby and captured the accident on surveillance cameras.

Cycling advocates are hoping the video will help raise awareness and encourage drivers to be more alert.

The crash happened in June on Northwest Military right past the Wurzbach Road intersection. The driver of a pickup truck turned right in front of Lorenzo Lopez.

Lopez was hit and flew off the bike and the driver stopped to call for help.

When you're on a bike there's always that safety factor there and safe as you can be you don't know how safe the driver's are and that's kind of the problem, said Lopez.

The experienced and avid cyclist feels extremely fortunate that his accident wasn't worse.

I'm very lucky that it happened the way that it did. I wish it didn't happen, but I was glad to be able to walk away from it.

San Antonio Bikes and The Office of Sustainability issued a statement reminding Motorists and cyclists to obey all rules of the road-stopping at stop signs and lights, signaling when turning, and using lights at night. Also, by city ordinance, motorists must give cyclists at least three feet of passing space.

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