SAN ANTONIO -- Hands covered in flour, Miguel Marty leans onto the Spurs-shaped stencil to cut yet another one of his prized donuts.

He usually starts work at his El Volcan Panaderia bakery around 2:30 a.m. Ever since the NBA Finals, however, he's been getting in two hours earlier.

Marty can blame all the extra work on his son, Miguel Marty Jr., an avid Spurs fan who had the gall to ask their stencil maker for a Spurs logo. The stencil proved too fragile to use with the gingerbread cookies for which it was intended, so they tried it out on the soft and sweet donut dough.

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That was last Friday, June 7, which happens to be National Donut Day. It was also the day after the Spurs beat the Miami Heat to take Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

That morning, somebody somewhere posted a photo of the donuts on Facebook.

Then everyone found out about them, and now we have a great demand, said Alicia Marty, who owns the south-side bakery with her husband.

By 8:30 a.m. Wednesday -- the day after the Spurs blew out the Heat for a 2-1 lead in the series -- El Volcan Panaderia had already stopped taking phone orders. Some customers were waiting up to two hours for an order of the Spurs-shaped donuts.

By that time, Marty had already made 800 Spurs donuts in addition to the sweetbreads and other colorful baked goods in the display case. With five more hours of work ahead of him, there was a sweet amount of work still left.

The reason for the wait, he explained, was that all the donuts are handmade. He pounds the dough, rolls it out and cuts each donut individually. Marty then hands the dough over to his assistant, Angela Garcia, who dunks the dough in the fryer while glazing the puffy batch of 10 she just pulled out.

A baker for more than 40 years, the overwhelming demand is nothing Marty can't handle. It just shows how much San Antonio loves its Spurs -- and donuts!

The Spurs donuts are only available for a limited time at $24 a dozen (or $2 a piece). As soon as the NBA Finals are over, the stencil is going back in the drawer.

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