LAVERNIA, TEXAS -- Raymond Jacob wanted cell phone service but didn't want to sign a long term contract. He decided to use T-Mobile because they don't require a contract.

But taking phone costs and other charges into account, Jacob says, he realizes it may have been wiser to sign a two-year deal.

Jacob says a T-Mobile representative assured him he would have service in his rural LaVernia home. He signed the deal, paid for two mobile phones, and drove home. A few days later, Jacob started having problems.

The phones would display a service signal, but Jacob was not able to place or receive any calls.

He called the store where he bought the phones. They told him the phones themselves must be defective. Jacob was incredulous. He figured it was unlikely that both phones were defective.

The next excuse he heard was that the problem was due to a chip in the phone. Next, T-Mobile told him they were going to put a booster on the signal. Joseph says another rep looked at the map and said a booster wouldn't help, as Jacob was just in a bad service area.

Jacob said he then asked to be let out of his contract. He says the representative told him sure, as long as you pay a $400 early termination fee. Jacob says he talked with supervisor and even wrote the corporate office. He says he always received the same answer:you missed the 14-day buyer's remorse period so you'll have to pay the fee. That's when he called Eyewitness Wants to Know.

We called T-Mobile's corporate office and they immediately began looking into the situation. A few hours later, they sent us a statement saying it was an isolated incident. They also said they dropped the termination fee and the Jacobs were happy with the settlement.

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