SAN ANTONIO -- Steven Abriam just wanted to help two women who approached him for directions. However, they weren't interested in north, south, east or west.

San Antonio police said the two women attacked the man with a Taser and robbed him outside of a hookah bar in the 3300 block of Wurzbach Road.

I could have died, Abriam said. Holy crap!

Officers said the two Hispanic women were driving a green SUV and were asking for directions to a location in downtown San Antonio.

As the victim pondered directions, the women got out of their vehicle. Police said one of the women stood in front of the victim and the other came up behind him.

They kinda yelled, 'Now!' Abriam said. And at that point, somewhere on my neck, I feel a Taser going off.

He dropped to the ground as they stole his laptop and attempted to steal his bag. But Abriam came to his senses and started talking back.

They were hitting me in the head with a baton, he said.

Abriam said he was Tasered again before the women drove off. Luckily, he was not seriously injured.

Investigators said the women are short and heavyset. One of the robbers was wearing a leopard print shirt.

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