Area schools are beefing up security after a reported fake cop approached a female student heading home from school Monday afternoon.

Northeast ISD officials said a man posing as a cop tried to pick up a young student at Eisenhower Middle School at around 3:35 p.m. Monday.

The 12-year-old student said she was walking home from school on Patricia and Memory Street when a man in a black Ford F-150 truck pulled up next to her. He reportedly told her he was an undercover cop and needed directions to her school.

The young girl said the fake cop told her to get inside his truck. But she saw red flags and ran away instead.

Now her parents and school officials are applauding her reaction.

If it was an undercover police officer in the area, he's not going to talk to a little girl to ask for directions, said dad Matt Meyer. I'm very proud of her for doing what she was supposed to.

Meyer encourages all parents to talk with their children about stranger danger.

She knew if you don't know them, you don't stop. You don't talk to them, Meyer said.

In a letter notifying parents of the situation, school officials described the suspect as a white male with dark hair and a short dark beard.

The letter also includes guidelines the district hopes parents will use to talk to their children about how to handle potentially threatening situations like the one that faced the 12-year-old girl.

The letter listed the following safety rules:

  • Stay with a group when walking to and or from home.
  • Be cautious of adults asking for help.
  • Never get in a car with anyone unless Mom or Dad knows about it first.
  • If walking home and you have a problem, come back to school and we will call your parents.
  • Make sure Mom and Dad know the route that you take home and have a plan with Mom or Dad if you have a problem walking.
  • Know where to go for help.
  • Report any suspicious people or activities to a trusted adult.
  • If your child has a cell phone, instruct them on whom to call for help.

NEISD police officers are patrolling the area where the man was seen. They are encouraging parents to call them if they see anything suspicious.

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