Experts say obesity in San Antonio is causing more and more men to head to fertility clinics. Research reveals all those fatty foods you downed while watching the big game could be affecting your ability to make babies.

Couch potatoes might want to take it easy on the Super Bowl snacks. According to researchers all those nachos, burgers, wings and beer could be keeping your sperm from getting around.

We do have an obesity problem in San Antonio and that is mirrored by my fertility clinic, said Dr. John Case of Urology San Antonio.

Research reveals diets high in saturated fat can decrease sperm production and concentration.

In guys with the highest fat diet you had a 34 percent reduction in their sperm quality, said Case. You have obesity patients with diabetes and those patients have problems with fertility.

Dr. Case says it can be emotionally devastating for a man who can't produce.

I'll ask them to cut back on their high fatty diets, Case said.

But he added that it is never too late to give your sperm a boost by simply increasing your fish and nut intake and curbing the bad foods.

There are studies that show high fatty dairy diets impact fertility, added Dr. Case.

It's raising eyebrows for men who may want to procreate in the future.

If I was trying to have a baby, said Steve Galcan, owner of Crossfit 210. And it wasn't working I would go find out if anything was wrong with me. Get some boost.

Dr. Case hopes more men will get checked and he says in 50 percent of fertility cases it's the man with the problems.

Case adds there are similar fat sperm studies out of Harvard and Dartmouth that comply with findings that fatty diets can make a man's sperm lazy. Two years ago, a Brazilian scientist discovered the link between eating whole grains and increased sperm concentration.

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