You can recycle your Christmas tree into nutrient-rich mulch for free by bringing it to one of 20 drop-off locations throughout the city.

The tree recycling program is available Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 5-6, and again next weekend, Jan. 12-13, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In addition, two locations -- the Bitters and Nelson Gardens Brush Recycling Centers -- will accept Christmas trees during regular operating hours throughout the month of January.

Mulch will be available for free at all 20 locations, while supplies last.

Locations for the Christmas tree drop-offs include:

Beard Elementary School, 8725 Sonoma Pkwy, 78023

Lincoln Park Community Center, 2915 E Commerce, 78203

Frank Garrett Community Center, 1226 NW 18TH St, 78207

Cooper Academy, 1700 Tampico, 78207

South Central Service Center, 4719 S Zarzamora, 78211

Rusty Lions Sports Center, 6300 McCullough, 78212

Harlandale High School, 114 E Gerald, 78214

Bitters Brush Recycling Center, 1800 Bitters Rd, 78216

Copernicus Community Center Park, 5003 Lord Rd, 78220

Southeast Service Center, 7402 S New Braunfels, 78223

Southside Drop-Off Center, 5450 Castroville Rd, 78227

Gilbert Garza Park, 1450 Mira Vista, 78228

Northeast Service Center, 10303 Tool Yard, 78233

Northwest Service Center, 6802 Culebra, 78238

Friesenhahn Park, 15701 O Conner Rd, 78247

Oscar Perez Park, 8601 Timber Path, 78250

Nelson Gardens Recycling Center, 8963 Nelson Rd, 78252

Stevenson Middle School, 8403 Tezel Rd, 78254

Eisenhower Park, 19399 NW Military Hwy, 78257

Stone Oak Park, 20395 Stone Oak Pkwy, 78258

For more information, you can visit or call 3-1-1.

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