UPDATE: The District Attorney's Office said Friday that Daniel Chapa will not be charged in connection to his son's death. They said they can not link his fictional claim to any evidence of a murder.

SAN ANTONIO -- A local high school teacher and soccer coach is on administrative leave after district officials say there s an investigation underway that could possibly link the teacher to the death of his child.

The teacher s 2-year-old son died in 2003. The Medical Examiner's Office attributed the death to pneumonia and a rare pre-existing disease the boy had.

Since then, the medical examiner has changed the ruling of the baby s death to a homicide.

District officials said Daniel Chapa is a social studies teacher and boys soccer coach at John Jay High School.

Just Wednesday the district became aware of the medical examiner's report that claims the toddler's body was exhumed last year after a confession by Chapa that he might have drowned his son.

The report from the Medical Examiner s Office states that after removing the child s body from the cemetery they couldn t conclude if he drowned or was killed, but they changed the ruling to a homicide based solely on Chapa's confession. That is what has prompted NISD officials to put the teacher on leave.

There s also a manuscript written by this individual where he talks about the death of this child, and that s a part of the investigation, said NISD spokesperson Pascual Gonzalez.

Right now police aren t saying much about the case other than it is an active investigation.

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