DALLAS -- It's a tradition every holiday season at NorthPark Center -- the SPCA pet adoption house between Macy's and Dillard's.

The event, which starts on Black Friday and ends on Christmas Eve, attracts hundreds of shoppers. Many of them stop by to drop off donations.

On Black Friday, a couple of thieves preyed on that generosity.

One of the men put a dollar into the donation canister, said James Bias from the SPCA. A staff member said, 'thank you very much for your donation,' and right after that 'thank you,' the individual grabbed the donation canister. His partner held the exit door... and both ran outside.

Mall security found the cracked canister in a parking garage, but the money inside of it was gone.

Chances are they made off with $600, $800 worth of cash and some donors' checks, Bias said.

The SPCA is urging those donors who wrote checks to take action.

Anybody else who made out a donation to the SPCA Texas on Friday [at the mall,] put a stop payment on the check, Bias said.

Now the charity has bolted the canister to the counter and staff will empty it out throughout the day.

Dallas police are investigating.


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