When you think of Bigfoot, you may think of the Northwest.

But, in recent years, there have been reported sightings in East Texas, and even near Dallas.

Now, a Dallas businessman said he has picture proof after snapping a picture in Shelby County.

Once a non-believer himself, he said he is changed man after seeing something move in the woods. He grabbed his camera and captured an image of what he believes is the legendary Bigfoot.

In the picture, a black area that could be seen as a figure is captured amongst the trees in a heavily wooded area. The photographer said that black area is the hairy creature.

The photographer wants to remain anonymous. However, he won't be stepping back from his newfound discovery. He said he plans to release more video evidence in the future.

In Texas, one area known for its Bigfoot sightings is Caddo Lake. According to the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, hundreds of sightings have been reported. The TBRC talked about the sightings in a 2006 Travel Channel documentary.

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