SANANTONIO He told police he was just trying to defend himself from a couple of thieves when he took matters into his own hands or should we say his own mouth.

Landel Carlisle said just before 9 a.m. Monday that he heard a knock on the front door of his home in the 2800 block of Amber Morning.

But, apparently Carlisle took his time responding to that knock, and the alleged impatient suspects decided to break in.

Carlisle said he heard the burglar move to the back of the house.

I put my shoes on, grabbed a hammer, I went out to my backyard and I opened the door, and as soon as I opened the door I said, 'What are trying to do?'

He ran outside, jumped the gate and shot his gun at me twice. I ducked, Carlisle said.

He said he ran back inside his home and called the police. That's when his neighbors got involved trying to catch the burglar.

The homeowner said he chased the suspect to the getaway car and jumped inside the vehicle.

Police said a fight ensued and one of the suspects pulled out a handgun.

He shot at me. I ducked the shot. I tried to get the gun and hold his wrist at the same time, Carlisle said. That's when I bit his ear I bit something whatever I could bite to try to get loose of the gun. It didn't work. I punched him. That didn't work. When I punched him, I let loose of his right arm, so he had both of his hands on the gun at that time.

The suspect then reportedly pointed the gun at Carlisle, so the homeowner jumped out of the car.

Both suspects high-tailed it out of there, reportedly fleeing in a gold Nissan Pathfinder.

Police said one of the suspects was later arrested, although his name was not immediately available.

I did a stupid move, Carlisle admits. I don't recommend anybody fight anybody with a gun.

But, he has a warning for the burglars, should they decide to attempt another break-in.

The eyes are out. Neighbors are outside so you can't do this no more, he said.

And if the neighbors don't intervene, Carlisle suggests a karmic deterrent.

What goes around, comes around. And one day you will get caught if you keep living that path, he said.

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