SAN ANTONIO -- A 20-year-old man was critically wounded after he was confronted early Tuesday morning by an armed robber near the University of Texas at San Antonio, according to police.

San Antonio police said Charles Duoto was robbed then shot in the chest in the breezeway to his apartment at The Outpost at 6802 UTSA Boulevard, around 2 a.m.

Duoto was taken to University Hospital in critical condition.

Directly across the street from campus, The Outpost houses mostly UTSA students but it is not affiliated with the university.

The Outpost has been problematic for law enforcement. In the past year, police have been called to the apartments 320 times for a number of reasons, includingfights, shootings and even allegations of rape, according torecords.

People are getting shot and I want to get out of here, said Blake Twomey, a student resident. I got an email saying someone got shot in building number three, which is my building, he said.

Twomey also says his own truck was broken into recently.

This is where they popped it, he added. They took off with Twomey's stereo system. He doesn't plan to replace it.

That's also the sentiment among other residents.

Four robberies in the last week, said Daniel Navarro. I'm afraid to get my rims and buy stuff because people will see me take it up.

Another UTSA student says people on campus tease him all the time.

My teachers and students ridicule me and say I have to wear a bulletproof vest, said Nick Turner, another Outpost resident.

The police were called to The Outpost in July, acting on a report of another armed robbery. The complex was evacuated, although police never found the two suspects. They were allegedly armed with an AK-47.

Harrison Hodges, another student that lives at The Outpost says that he remembers the standoff like it was yesterday.

This is definitely the hood, said Hodges.

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