SAN ANTONIO -- It's been a year and four months since her daughter was killed. But this mother has no freedom from her grief until there's justice for the person who took her daughter's life and didn't even care enough to stop and help her.

My life will never be the same, said Linda Mares. There's no way I can stop until I have someone take responsibility, she said with tears in her eyes.

Mares' life hasn't been the same since May 25, 2011. That's the night that police say a white Ford F-150 struck and killed her daughter in the 3700 block of Roosevelt.

The next day, Mares was watching the news and though they didn't say who the victim was, she already knew in her gut that it was Betty Jane Zuniga.

It felt like an elephant sat on my chest, said Mares. Her door was closed and I was thinking she was there.

But Zuniga wasn't in her room. She was at the Medical Examiner's Office.

Mares had to call police to confirm her fears and then identify her daughter's body.

But since then there have been no arrests.

Someone will come forward, Mares said. I feel in my heart that my daughter deserves justice and so do I.

Though she says people have comforted her by telling her Zuniga is in a better place, she has no peace as long as the suspect is free.

What about me? I'm walking around like I'm dead. What if it was your child? You would want someone to come forward, said Mares. You don't have to give your name. You just have to share what you know.

She's right. You can remain anonymous when you call Crime Stoppers at 210-224-STOP. You can also submit a tip by text or online at

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