SAN ANTONIO --To the eye, it's a drainage ditch thatcan seem innocent enough. But, neighbors onthe northwest side of town are saying a ditch is also serving as a playground of sorts for kids.

At the corner of Colebrook and Plainfield, Bill Richardson says kids -- not much older than 13 years old -- are hanging out inside the ditchthat goes under streets for hundreds of feet in some areas.

My wife and I were walking the dog about two blocks away from here and we kept hearing noises out of the street grates, Richardson recalls. With a little bit more investigation we found out that they were coming from this hole in the wall.

After he heard the sounds from below, he started askinghis neighbor about it.

Her girls hadn't come home yet. She tried to call them, because they had their cell phones with them. Couldn't reach them. So, we came over here to investigate and sure enough, adds Richardson.

He said he saw four kids. None of them older than 13 years old.

Richardson is a parent himself and his concern is what could be lurking inside the pitch-black ditch.

There could be any manner of creature down in that hole there thatmight beout to hurt some kid, he said.

If caught in a ditch kids and parents could face fines that reach into the hundreds of dollars.
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