SANANTONIO -- When Teddy Benitez rolled up her sleeves to donate blood to the KENS Cares Blood Drive in 2008, she also decided to sign up to be a marrow donor with the Be The Match campaign.

That decision four years ago led to an exciting development this week. Teddy became a PBSC donor. That stands for peripheral blood stem cell donation. She was matched to a manwho is diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia). The gift of her blood-forming cells for transplantation may well save his life.

Community service has always been a part of me, something that was taught my my mother, she said. Donating blood and signing up for the marrow registry is just another way I can give back.

Knowing the importance of donating hits home Benitez added. My mother and sister passed away of cancer and me donating gives someone a second chance at life. I would strongly encourage anyone to register you may just be the one to save a life.

KENS viewers always respond to our call to give blood. Those who go the extra mile and sign up for the Be The Match Campaign never know where that decision may lead them.

Hat off to Teddy! She's a hero and a role model. She's bold and we salute her.

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