SAN ANTONIO-- The San Antonio Police Department wants to grow its family. The department has 2400 sworn officers and has 70 vacancies.

We want to have all ethnicities as well represented as we can in the department, Chief William McManus said. We're reaching out to the military, we're reaching out to the minority communities and especially to women to try and build up our ranks as diversified as we can.

In a press release the department said, The experts have long believed that increasing the number of female officers is key to the success of a community's policing goals. The recruiting team is made up of two female officers who can give a first-hand experience of what it's like to work at the S.A.P.D.

The San Antonio Police Department is first and foremost defined by our people. We are a family, working together to protect each other and this great city, said McManus. We are searching for people who have a true desire to serve the city of San Antonio and who are looking for a long-term career option. In these economic times people need career stability, a competitive salary, great benefits and opportunities for advancement. The S.A.P.D. offers all of those. Now we need everyone's help in getting the word out that we are hiring.

City Manager Sheryl Sculley said over the past six years the city has cut 1000 civilian positions yet added 400 sworn officers. Not everyone makes it through, but it's a great place if you get into the department, said Sculley.

The starting base salary for a new officer is about $40,000. The department currently has three academy classes planned for 2012 with one currently underway.

For more information on a career with the S.A.P.D. go to or call (210) 207-5050.

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