A fire gel made from the same material found in diapers is being used to save houses during wildfires.

Firefighters that are working with the Chubb Insurance Company are usinga product calledThermal Gelon houses that are in the direct line of a wild fire.Thefire preventiontechnique also includes soaking the property with water.

The company says they monitor wildfires and determine the houses that are covered under their policies.They then coordinate with fire officials to treat the homes.

Chubb officials say the gel has the same basic chemistry found in materials used in babies diapers.

A firefighter was actually putting out a dumpster fire and he noticed that none of the diapers burned, says Bob Harvey, a Chubb fire officer.

The gel can resist temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees. Most wildfires are only 600 degrees.

Foam retardants may last 15 to 20 minutes. The Thermal Gel reportedly lasts up to 72 hours.The company says they also return after the fireto clean up the mess.

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