SANANTONIO -- Diabetes increases your risk of developing kidney cancer. A new study by San Antonio scientists confirms the link.

Researchers at the U.T. Health Science Center found a fourth of the kidney cancer patients in Bexar County are diabetic. Scientists say that is a surprisingly high number.

I was expecting maybe about seven, eight percent, commented cancer researcher Samy Habib, Ph.D., of the U.T. Health Science Center. But 25 percent means one in each four of our kidney cancer patients, they have history with diabetes.

The results of the study are published in this month s Journal of Cancer. Habib and his colleagues work in the lab on cells from animals and also cells and tissues from human kidney cancer patients. They are trying to find out more about causes and treatments for this disease.

Early indications are that people with diabetes that is not well-controlled are not only at risk for kidney failure, dialysis and transplants.

Cellular changes at the DNA level can trigger kidney cancer.

I would like for every diabetic patient to control blood glucose as much as they can, Habib emphasized.

Kidney cancer is serious and claims thousands of lives each year. It s the sixth leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.

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