SANANTONIO --The Riverwalk's new LED lights are attracting more than just tourists, and that could become an expensive problem for the city.

Curious squirrels are not only causing glitches but costing money, too.

Taking a stroll down the River Walk by day may not be as magical as it is by night.

When you start to see all the lights, said a tourist. It looks beautiful.

But it's not just the tourists who enjoy the lights.

In this case, the squirels are liking the lights, said Pamela Stallcup, director of downtown operations for the city.

Stallcup said the squirels are chewing the wiring of the holiday lights. It's costing the city some cash to make sure each LED light is working properly.

(It's) expensive in terms that we have to have staff down here a couple of times a week at least, Stallcup said.

It takes time to inspect the 1.74 million LED bulbs, she said.

The contractor has to come back, and that's where he has to uninstall that particular portion of the stinger and re-install it, Stallcup said. That's where it becomes a little costly.

We waited to see if we could catch the squirrels in the act, but it seems they may be doing their deed when no one is watching.

Either way, it's the city's priority to keep the downtown River Walk bright.

Our job is to make sure that the lights are on, Stallcup said.

Pest control agencies have been called to see whether the city can do something about the problem but it seems there is nothing they can use that is safe.

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