SANANTONIO--With 100-degree, hot, dry days, Armando Urdiales decided to plant a new lawn.

Well, not really. It was his HOA, he said, that suggested it, after they found patches of dirt amongst the withered blades in his front yard.

Urdiales said, That was the kicker for me. Really? You're going to tell me to grow grass in a drought.

The social studies teacher says after receiving two, threatening letters in the last 60-days, he planted $150 worth of sod and started watering it.

Isn't there a better use of our resource--of our precious resource of water--other than maintaning grass? he said.

The Crown Meadows HOA didn't return our calls.

SAWS officials say they have yet to see any homeowner deed restrictions that demand homeowners keep their lawns green.And as a public water utility, SAWS has no jurisdiction over HOAs.

But the utility is asking all associations to think of brown grass as the new green, at least for now in stage-2 restrictions.

Karen Guz, SAWS Director of Conservation, said, Grass is trying to go dormant right now. That's what it's trying to do. It doesn't necessarily mean it is going dead. It's trying to shut down.
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