ATASCOSACOUNTY -- For the first time since 1981, Crystal Rios and her older brother Xavier Gonzalez met the two men who saved their lives.

The siblings made their way to the Atascosa County Sheriff's Office to meet the two law enforcement officers who rescued them on April 9, 1981.

Crystal and Xavier were kidnapped in San Antonio by their babysitter. Eighteen hours had passed, but the vehicle description was out. The 13-year-old suspect ran away from a halfway house and answered an ad to babysit the kids.

Along I-37 Deputy Steve Gonzales spotted the vehicle. He attempted to pull theteen over who displayed a pistol and even fired the weapon. She also pulled up one of the kids to show the deputy. Gonzales said he backed off. A short time later the13-year-old girlcrashed the vehicle.

Gonzales said he ran to the station wagon, but the juvenile suspect still had the weapon and was pointing it at him and the two kids.

Atascosa County Sheriff Tommy Williams arrived and started talking with the suspect.

Sheriff Williams said the woman demanded traffic be halted and she wanted a car to get away.

Williams jokingly said he offered her a car and Deputy Gonzales to escort her wherever she wanted to go, as long as she turned over one of the kids.

Gonzales and Sheriff Williams spent hours in the hot sun negotiating with the suspect.

Eventually they were able to move in take down the suspect and rescue the children.

Williams said he blocked the hammer to prevent the gun from discharging.

Gonzales is now Deputy Chief and has been with the Atascosa County Sheriff's Office since 1977. Sheriff Williams has served in law enforcement for 41 years and has worked as Sheriff for 39 years.

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