SANANTONIO -- Feral cats at a northwest-side apartment complex are popping up with mysterious wounds. One resident fears they're being used for target practice.

Two days ago she was a healthy kitten, Cricket Booth said. And now she looks like this, she added as she pointed to the cat's eyes. Someone has shot them out.

Someone for God's sake help me, Boothsaid, as she pointed out that the stray cat she named Brownie also has a knotted tail from what appears to be a sick prank.

Looks like she was hung up by her tail, she said. Booth takes in feral cats to have them spayed and neutered. But now she's busy nursing their wounds -- injuries she says did not just happen on their own.

This is what they are shooting the cats with, she said as she picked up soft air pellets that are scattered all over the parking lot of the apartment complex in the 5200 block of Fredericksburg Road. They are shooting the animals, she said. What's next?Children?

Eyewitness News was there when SAPD responded to the latest suspected case.

One cat appears to have had its teeth pulled out, Booth said. She pointed to another cat that has a dislocated hip.

These animals are being abused, Booth said.

A police officer warned neighbors of the consequences if they are caught shooting at the animals.

I want them prosecuted for hurting this animal, Booth said.

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