SAN ANTONIO -- By early 2011, the city of San Antonio will put in gear the first bicycle sharing program in Texas.

We are attempting to produce alternative forms of transportation, said Julia Diana with the city s Office of Environmental Policy.

The city spent $650,000 to pay for the initial 140 bicycles and 14 docking stations.

The docking stationswill be located in and around downtown.

The non-profit group, San Antonio Bike Share, will use membership fees and advertising revenue to keep the program running.

An annual membership will cost $50. A day pass will run $8. However, extra charges will be added for riders who keep bicycles out longer than 30 minutes before docking.

A similar sharing program started a few months ago in Denver and has exceeded expectations.

Diana said she believes the program will be successful in San Antonio as well but said there will likely be a learning curve before it takes off.

It is somewhat experimental, so it will take people awhile to embrace the idea, said Diana.

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