SAN ANTONIO -- The Alamo Area Council of Governments is now cooperating with the Texas Rangers, after AACOG suspended its two directors Wednesday. In the meantime, AACOG s CFO has become the interim director.

The KENS 5 I-Team found even more evidence that AACOG s directors knew from the get-go that the deals they were making with a local grant source called TriHM were bad.

People s lives have been turned upside down, said a former TriHM employee, who wanted to remain anonymous.

'Sarah' was infuriated to watch the I-Team story on Wednesday and hear AACOG s top directors say they had no idea TriHM was trouble.

I was concerned for the employees that she was bringing on and promising to be paid, said Sarah.

Sarah said it was September 2012 when she and nearly two-dozen other TriHM employees began complaining to AACOG s deputy director, Michael Quinn, about not being paid.

Soon as my first payday came and went, I absolutely made a phone call to Michael Quinn and asked if he knew this was going on, Sarah said. He denied knowing it was going on. And we made sure he knew it was going on -- that nobody was getting paid, at any time.

When Sarah didn t get paid, a lien was filed against Jackqueline Cooper, the CEO of TriHM. That lien would join dozens of other debt collections Cooper would have placed against her, dating back to the 1990s.

Fifteen to 20 of us have filed claims, and that should be on record, Sarah told KENS 5.

Chairman of the Board Kevin Wolff said that type of collection information was made available to AACOG s top executives, who apparently ignored it.

I asked the attorneys specifically that. 'Were you instructed to do some vetting, some due diligence?' Their answer was 'yes,' Wolff said.

Wolff said AACOG lawyers issued an appalling report on TriHM and gave it to Director Dean Danos and Deputy Director Michael Quinn.

But that s not what Danos or Quinn told the board and Wolff.

I was told that it was clean. (The lawyers) said, 'That s not correct. In fact, we advised Dean in a very strong manner that they should stay as far away from this company as possible,' Wolff said.

That s not exactly what Quinn and Danos told the KENS 5 I-Team either, in the moments before AACOG suspended them.

We had our legal folks look into it, said Quinn.

And what did the legal folks tell you? Did they recommend you do business we TriHM? the I-Team asked.

I just told you what I said. I don t recall the information, said Quinn.

We checked their background and we entered into an agreement and we submitted grants, Danos added.

AACOG officials said there s evidence of direct bank payments totaling nearly $30,000, from AACOG s accounts to Jackqueline Cooper, head of TriHM Foundation.

Kevin Wolff said JP Morgan Chase informed AACOG it wanted all their accounts closed out by the end of May. The AACOG board is currently trying to negotiate with the bank.

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