SANANTONIO -- A KENS5 I-Team investigation of court documents reveals former 144th District Judge Angus McGinty reduced the bond of 10 defendants represented by attorney Al Acevedo, including a man convicted of murder in a previous case.

McGinty resigned last week after allegations surfaced he was caught on a federal wiretap agreeing to reduce the bond of certain Acevedo clients in exchange for repairs to his personal vehicles.

McGinty and Acevedo are both part of a federal investigation into possible corruption within the Bexar County court system.

Multiple sources said the probe is wide-reaching, extending beyond Bexar County, and could impact judges and attorneys at the state and federal level.

Court records indicate McGinty has heard 45 cases involving Acevedo's clients since the judge was sworn in January 1, 2011.

Defendants are still awaiting trial in four of those cases.

In 2012, court records indicate McGinty reduced the bond of defendant Frank Anguano, who was convicted of murder in 2004.

The crime was committed when Anguano was 17, according to a background check.

Following his release, Anguano was accused of assaulting his girlfriend in June 2012.

Police said Anguano pulled the woman to the ground by her hair and then punched her.

Anguano was arrested in July of that year, given a $10,000 bond, and remained at the Bexar County Jail until Judge McGinty reduced his bond to $5,000 in December 2012.

Anguano was released from custody hours later, and remains free awaiting trial on charges of felony family violence.

A court official said state district judges have full authority to reduce bond on defendants in their court and are even allowed to approve bond reductions for cases in other district courts.

The federal investigation is being handled by the New Mexico District of the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Officials from that office have confirmed the investigation but have refused to discuss details.

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