SAN ANTONIO -- New details have emerged in a New Braunfels murder case, according to New Braunfels police.

Mr. Drury died after getting struck in the face with a metal tire iron, New Braunfels Police Captain John McDonald said. As a result of that, he fell down and struck his head on the asphalt.

This is how 37-year-old James Drury lost his life back in July, at Prince Solms Park in New Braunfels. The man accused of swinging the tire iron is 18-year-old Victor Sanchez.

But, according to police, Drury's altercations started long before he suffered from the fatal blow. Police believe Drury got into a fight with a man on the Comal River earlier in the day.

Drury sustained injuries as a result of the fight, as did the victim, McDonald said.

Drury then proceeded to follow a man and a woman for a half mile before shoving the woman in the back, according to investigators. In fear for their safety, the couple was forced to rely on two strangers for help.

That female actually got into a vehicle -- which they did not know who those men were -- asking for help, McDonald explained.

The group of four then sped off in a 2004 Dodge Ram. Then, for some unknown reason, police said the group returned a short time later and found Drury still there.

The fight that ultimately took Drury's life then began.

Drury approached the truck ... there were words exchanged, McDonald said.

New Braunfels police are still investigating the murder case.

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