An Amarillo, Texas pastor has created a Web site dedicated to calling for a boycott of Houston. says part of its mission is To impose economic sanctions on the city of Houston, Texas for voting in an openly homosexual mayor and for allowing the largest Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the United States.

The pastor said those factors run counter to what he says is supposed to be a large Christian community.

Earlier this week, a much larger protest outside the new Planned Parenthood headquarters attracted hundreds of anti-abortion demonstrators from around the country.

When asked about the protests and the pastor's Web site on Wednesday Mayor Annise Parker said she believes Planned Parenthood provides essential public health services.

I trust that the citizens of Amarillo will make their own decisions about visiting us here in Houston, Parker said. I'll simply continue to do my best to make sure that Houston is a great place to do business in and a great place to visit.

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