SAN ANTONIO -- Two pit bulls were shot and killed by San Antonio police officers on Thursday night during a drug raid on the city's northwest side.

Police Chief William McManus said officers with the narcotics unit encountered the dogs while entering the back door to an apartment at the Jefferson Townhomes in the 900 block of Babcock Road.

When the officers entered, the dogs were very, very aggressive, he said. And to protect themselves, they were compelled to use deadly force.

Ronny Leal, whose brother owned the dogs, said the officers didn't have to use their weapons.

They were good, Leal said. All [the officer] had to do was tell the big one to sit. The big one was as good as the little one.

Instead, officers shot 10-month-old Xavier once in the head and three times in the body. Lexi, who was only three months old, was also shot and killed.

Leal's brother was out getting information on where to cremate the dogs when KENS 5 showed up for an interview.

Police said the search warrant turned up 3.45 ounces of marijuana, two digital scales, syringes, empty baggies, residue and packing materials.

Two juveniles were arrested on outstanding warrants, police said, and four other suspects were released pending further investigation.

A neighbor who wished to remain anonymous said she saw the officer laughing at the dead dogs.

Chief McManus denied the allegation.

SWAT officers are very professional, he said. They train, train, train, train to do these types of operations, and I don't see that.

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