It's the scream that pierced through the AT&T Center and across the country Monday evening at the end of the Spurs OT win over the Warriors. The powerful scream was picked up over the airwaves and broadcast through television sets everywhere.

A day later, those vocal chords remained a mystery leaving basketball fans all over the web wondering who was this Screaming Spurs Lady ?

After soliciting her identity online, KENS 5 got a phone call Tuesday afternoon from a friend of Val Garcia, outing the 23-year-old dental assistant as the Spurs shrieker.

I think everyone was pretty loud. Garcia said. I just have such a high-pitch scream.

Garcia doesn't attend many Spurs games, which could be the reason fans have never heard this scream before. Listen to the famous scream in the video below.

It's like I wanted the Spurs to hear it so they wouldn't lose their fire Garcia said.

In no time, the Screaming Spurs Lady lit up the Internet. But as the day dragged on, other Spurs fans began taking credit for those powerful pipes.

I swear my eyes were going to pop out of my face. Garcia said. I was totally out of breath. After the game I felt lightheaded (and) my voice was shot.

Garcia said she doesn't have a ticket for Game 2 against the Warriors, so if fans don't hear that familiar wailing, there's a good chance KENS 5 has found the real Screaming Spurs Lady.

KENS 5 also received a video from a Spurs fan named Paige Kramer. She claims it proves that she is in fact the Screaming Spurs Lady. Watch the video below (and turn down the volume on your computer).

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