Online daters are logging on to a new website to share whether or not they have a sexual transmitted disease, and also to see if their new partner is disease-free.

According to, 45 million people are dating online. So wouldn't it be convenient to know if any one of those potential matches has an STD?

That's the idea behind

Our goal is to help people make better sexual health decision, said founder Ramin Bastani.

Citing research, Bastani said one in three people on a dating site could have an STD. Having proof of a clean bill of health could help a person attract a mate.

It was certainly confidential, said Dr. Fred Campbell, of the UT Medicine Health Science Center San Antonio.

After cruising the site, Campbell said he did not see any violation of HIPPA laws because all the information required the patient's consent.

Also, the information is not posted on a public forum. Rather, an individual must have the specific link to view the information. And after the information is viewed, the link then expires.

I think this is a deterrent, really, to people who are infected having sex with someone, Campbell said.

Bastani said gay men are also using the site to inform partners of their possible HIV infection and the risk of having sex with them.

He warned that the results are not 100 percent guaranteed because it's always possible that someone may become infected with an STD after they were tested.

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