FORT WORTH A man jumped into the Trinity River to save his son from drowning on Saturday afternoon.

Fort Worth Fire Department spokesman Richard Harrison said the two were walking in Trinity Park when the 11-year-old tried to cross the Trinity on a rocky low water dam. He slipped on some rocks and fell in.

His father went in to help, and they both made it back to the rocks.

The unnamed father and son were taken away on stretchers for evaluation. Harrison said paramedics were primarily concerned about exhaustion and hypothermia.

On January 16, Brandy Johnson fell into the river near the same spot and drowned.She was 19 years old and pregnant.

Johnson's mother called for additional safety measures in the wake of her daughter's death.

The Tarrant Regional Water District noted that the dam is not a river crossing. The agency has safety signs on both sides of the rocky structure.

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