Some east-side San Antonio residents are on edge after investigators confirmed Wednesday that nearly half a dozen recent fires are the work of an arsonist.

When a house burns, especially on the east side, they are very close together, SAFD spokesperson Deborah Foster said. So, we re not only trying to put the fire out for that, but the properties adjacent to those homes.

They could lose a place to live -- or even their lives -- because this is a very dangerous thing.

Authorities are now posting signs at those crime scenes promising cold cash for information leading to an arrest.

Vacant buildings, you see activity, people may be going in and out of those buildings, you hear noises coming from those buildings and you know there s not supposed to be anybody in there, Foster said. Those are the types of things you need to look for.

Until the person or people responsible are caught, some residents said they re afraid another home near them will go up in flames.

Scary, scary... I wouldn t think someone would be setting fire to houses. (It's) just scary, said one resident who lives on Clark Avenue, where two of the fires occurred.

It does frighten us because it s been happening so often, said Gilbert Ramirez who lives on Delmar Street, where another one of the fires occurred last week.

Arson is following some very strong leads, and we should have some suspects soon, Foster said.

Anyone with information about the fires is urged to contact the fire hotline at 227-FIRE. Authorities said officers from the SAPD east-side substation will also be working to closely monitor the area and increase patrols.
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