FLORESVILLE, Texas -- Explosions and loud pops could be heard for miles around Floresville as a fireworks warehouse burned to the ground on Saturday afternoon.

A KENS 5 viewer first reported explosions coming from the American Chinese Fireworks warehouse on US 181 around 2:30 p.m. Other viewers described the scene as crazy as fireworks continuously shot through plumes of smoke coming from the burning building.

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Firefighters said the blaze started as a grass fire near the fireworks stand just south of Bentwood Drive and eventually spread to the warehouse. They said they decided to let the warehouse burn because it would be too dangerous to try to save.

Nobody was injured in the fire.

Explosions could still be heard as crews and spectators watched the warehouse burn down nearly two hours after it first caught fire.

The road had been blocked off to traffic in both directions.

KENS 5 Facebook fans said the blaze was getting dangerously close to the Ewald Tractor building.

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