She is a caring, softspoken teenager who is not shy to tell you about all the positive qualities she has to offer one day to a permanent family willing to adopt her.

I'm very kind, respectful, responsible. I like to do a lot of things. If you tell me to do it, I'll do it, says Deandra.

The eighth grader knows at her age, it's not as easy to find a family who will adopt her, but she brings a lot of good qualities to the table.

You can tell by the ease with which she befriends other children that Deandra enjoys being around other kids.

I used to have brothers and sisters, she says, adding that she used to care for them.

In fact, she helped raise her siblings before going into foster care. So she knows how to engage younger kids.

I try to get to know [them] -- see if [they] like anything, see what we have in common, Deandra added.

Deandra's caseworker says the enthusiastic teen is open to many new things, like different sports. But she's also your typical teen who loves friends and music, and would fit in with a variety of family scenarios.

She's open to anything: one mom, two moms, one dad, mom and dad. For her, any home willing to work with her, through her past. She's very well behaved, but she's gone through a lot in her past, her caseworker explained.

But today Deandra looks forward to the future and one day participating in family activities in a permanent home.

Deandra likes to go to the mall -- that's her favorite place-- to the movies. She likes to go out to eat. She's open to go anywhere, says her case worker.

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