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BEXAR COUNTY - San Antonio has been a full-time, no-refusal city a little more than a year now, but is the DWIcrackdown working?

The District Attorney's Office said it is. They said intoxication manslaughters are down compared to previous years.

They are going to know that we are tough on DWI in this county, said Bexar County D.A. Susan Reed.

Reed delivered that strong message back in October of 2011.

As of last week, we've had over 6,300 arrests for DWI in San Antonio this year, said Matt Porter with SAPD.

But in spite of the no-refusal policy, some people are still getting behind the wheel drunk. Some were deadly decisions.

Things are not the same no more, you know, said Joe Flores. I wish I could hear her laugh.

Flores still thinks about his 10-year-old daughter Kaylee Flores. She and her mother, Jessica Rodriguez, were victims of a drunk driver back in March.

Police say 25-year-old Christopher Lamar smashed into their vehicle while Rodriguez's fiance was trying to change a flat tire along I-10.

For me, losing a loved one - these holidays are the worst. My little girl and I my youngest, she cries and cries, said Flores. He said she desperately misses her sister.

Since the no-refusal DWI policy has been implemented, the D.A.'s Office said it has made more arrests, and essentially stopped more drunk divers from causing wrecks on our streets.

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