KERRVILLE More than $3 million worth of sculptures have been donated to a park in Kerrville where some believers say miracles happen.

The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden is known for the giant Empty Cross that draws Christian spectators from around the country.

The cross is now accompanied by Christian artwork that was all donated to the greater good of the park.

Architect Max Griener said, We're doing it basically to bring glory to God, bless people and introduce people to Jesus Christ.

Standing next to the monument he donated to the park, David Broussard explained that he's out a few thousand dollars. But it doesn't matter, he said, he'll get it back.

I will eventually, he said. Bottom line is this will touch millions of people. I really believe millions of people, and God gives freely to us. I give freely back to God.

Griener said the sculptures and monuments add to the allure of the park.

We've had quite a few genuine, supernatural biblical-type of miracles that have happened here and that have been documented, he said.

To name a few, Griener mentioned several healings, as well as angels appearing in photos taken at the park.

But also, we have people that are being set free emotionally -- drug addicts, people that have been abused, he said. We've had a number of former witches that used to be witches and now come to the cross.

To Griener and his partners, that's worth more than any amount of money.

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