SAN ANTONIO Alfredo Cardenas couldn't afford to buy his daughter a car she needed to get back and forth to college classes, but he wanted to help. One day he ran across a scooter sale at a local Pep Boys store. He ended up buying her a scooter.

His daughter Crystal loved it. She rode it everywhere, without a problem. At least until about three months ago. Crystal was coming down San Pedro when the motor just blew up. Not knowing what was wrong with it, Cardenas had it taken to Sunl Imports.

A couple of weeks later, the manager Mohammed called and said the motor was blown and it would take $750 to replace. Cardenas gave him the go ahead. Over the next two and a half months, there were numerous problems and delays in getting the correct motor for that particular scooter.

When communications seemed to break down, Cardenas called Eyewitness Wants To Know. We went to Sunl Imports and spoke with Mohammed. He promised to have the scooter ready the next day. That didn't happen.

Once again, the company from which Mohammed was getting the motor sent the wrong one. But Sunl did something not many companies would do. Mohammed called Cardenas, apologizing for yet another delay, and told Cardenas to bring his title with him the next day. Mohammed offered a straight trade for a brand new scooter.

Cardenas, along with his daughter Crystal, went and picked up that new scooter and couldn't be happier. Not many companies take that kind of step to keep customers comping back. Cardenas said if he ever has a problem, he knows where to go.

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