SAN ANTONIO -- A shooting league featuring more than 200 women has expanded to San Antonio.

The Sure Shotsis a non-profit social group that started in Austin.

Its great for women who have never shot before because they come in here and it's really low pressure, said Sure Shots creator Niki Jones.

Jones started the club in Austin as a way to practice her marksmanship after getting her concealed handgun license.

According to a Gallup poll released in August, 23 percent of women in the U.S. now own guns.

In 2005, only 13 percent of women owned guns.

Our dynamics are different, obviously. Guys just don't always get it, said San Antonio Sure Shots member Becca Spinks.

Spinks says she shoots guns for self-defense and to relieve stress.

The San Antonio chapter of Sure Shots is free to join.

The group meets once a week at the Nardis Gun Club.

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