SAN ANTONIO -- A Karnes City fisherman turned archaeologist over the past few weeks after he came across what he thinks may be mammoth bones.

Davy Villanueva says he found a mastodon tooth while he was fishing along the San Antonio River He said he saw it in about a foot of water that was exposed because of the drought.

I walked in the river and reached down in there and pulled it out, and wow, I never seen anything like this, Villanueva said.

He says after that find he did some research on the web and compared it to fossils and images and believes it may be from a mammoth that roamed the area over 50 million years ago.

Villanueva has gone back to the site and found other bones but because of the recent rains the area has been covered up.

For right now Villanueva is keeping the location a secret.And he says he doesn t know whether he wants to sell the bone or give it to his son.But the offers have already been coming in.

He pulled out his wallet and said I ll give you five $100 Benjamin s right here. I said, 'Na,' Villanueva claimed.

He says his 7-year-old son doesn t like the tooth and thinks it may be bad luck because of all the rain they have been getting.

My little boy, I don t know, he s scared of it.He says, 'Papo, go put it back in the water because it keeps raining,' Villanueva says. I think this thing would have eaten the chupacabra.
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