The worst thing imaginable that can happen to a parent happened to one San Antonio man: His son was gunned down in cold blood.

He was a very good kid: Very outgoing with people and a good sense of humor, Frank Lurati Sr. said of his son, Frank Lurati Jr.

His son was working his usual shift Wednesday night as a bouncer at the MVP night club on Roosevelt Avenue. At around 1:30 a.m. Thursday, Lurati and a patron of the club got into an argument, according to a police report.

That customer left and then returned and called Lurati to come to his car. Once Lurati approached, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot Lurati twice, killing him.

Now Lurati's father is left to plan a funeral for his only son along with caring for his sick mother, the victim's grandmother.

He's pleading with San Antonio police to find the trigger man and haul him in.

Just do me a favor and catch this bad guy, Lurati Sr. said. He needs to be off the streets, and I hope he serves justice. And like I'll say, he'll pay. He'll pay.

Police have little to go on. The suspect is described as a Hispanic man standing roughly 5-foot-7 and driving a grey-colored Chevy Impala.

If you know anything about the case, you are encouraged to call SAPD Crime Stoppers at 224-STOP.

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