WILLIAMSON COUNTY,Texas The Williamson County Sheriff s Department is investigating what a spokesperson is calling assaults outside of a bar in Weir over the weekend.

It's real close knit.Everyoneknows everybody. You walk into the store or the bar, everybody greets you by name, said Weir resident Jonathan Huffcut.

According to a Florence resident named Julie Ward, she, her sister, sister-in-law and another friend went to the only bar in Weir,called The Bunkhouse,just before 1 a.m. Sunday.

Everybody's just hanging out, having drinks, having a good time, said Ward. We walked in, went straight to the pool table and started playing some pool.

About half an hour later,Ward says a female employee told them the bar didn t serve their type. Ward says she took that to mean the bar didn t serve homosexuals because Ward is gay.

According to Ward, things took a turn for the worse as she and her friends were leaving.

As we came outside into the parking lot, we were followed by the patrons of the bar and our arms were held back by women and we were beaten by men. A man told me if I was going to look like a man, I better be able to take a hit like a man, and I was punched in the face at that moment and hit the ground, said Ward.

An unidentified woman inside of The Bunkhouse Bar & Grill Monday who told us she was the wife of the manager said no such thing happened and that the women were rough housing.She said the incident had nothing to do with the women s sexual preferences.

Ward said she, her sister and another woman with them all received bruising and scrapes. However none of the injuries were life-threatening.

We're just people too. We're normal people that wanted to be in a bar, said Ward. We wanted to spend our money there. We wanted to play pool there and because of our sexuality we weren't welcome.

Williamson County Detective John Foster said Monday that the case has been assigned to a detective who is looking at it as assaults for now.He added that if the investigation determines a hate crime was committed, appropriate charges will be filed.
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