SAN ANTONIO -- Police say a man was stabbed several times in the chest after confronting a man for allowing his dog to poop on a well manicured lawn early Sunday morning.

A San Antonio police officer said he saw the victim crash his vehicle into the guardrail while traveling west on Highway 151near Wiseman around 1:30 a.m.

The driver,who was identified as28-year-old Clinton Cash Gill,was slumped over inside the car with his head on the passenger seat, police said, andwas bleeding from three noticeable stab wounds.

Gill told the officer he was at a friend's house when a guy named Gary started talking trash and then stabbed him.

Around that same time, police said they received a call from a suspect who stated he had just been jumped by four men and had stabbed one of them.

Police responded to the suspect's home and convinced him to come outside and explain what had occurred.

According to a police report, the suspect told officers that hisdog was defecating on a well maintained lawn when Gill and three other men confronted him about staying off the property.

Gill, along withtwo of theothermen,allegedly attacked the suspect and punched him twice in the face. Police said the suspect admitted to pulling out aknife and stabbing Gill three times.

Gill then got in his car, drove away and later crashed.He wastaken to University Hospital, wherea spokesperson said he wasin stable condition.

Investigators searched the crime scene but could not find a knife. The suspect told police he lost it during the fight.

The other two men involved in the attack claimed they never saw a knife but did see blood, police said.

Police said the suspect appears to have been defending himself.

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