Residents are outraged that a home was tagged on their street. The twist is that the homeowner spray painted it himself.

Now residents say the eyesore is turning their street into a parade route for all the wrong reasons.

On March 10, Daryl McClain's truck was stolen from his home in the 5700 block of Clearwood. So what did he do?

He tagged his own house, and neighbors say he did not keep the message clean.

I speak my mind, McClain boasted outside his tagged garage door. Most people keep it in.

Apparently McClain doesn't just speak his mind, because anyone who drives by his home can see what he is thinking. People get tired of this expletive, he added.

KENS 5 asked McClain if he would say that he tagged his own home. Yes I did, answered McClain.

The message reads To the mother f----- that stole my truck. You are a dead man.

McCain says he didn't mean it as a death threat. I would just like my stuff back, he added.

The message also reads 2K NQA. McClain explained that means he is offering a cash reward of $2,000 for information, no questions asked.

But apparently the cash reward is not the cause for all the rubber necking on his street.

It's opening their eyes up, said McClain. A lot of cars slow down and stop and back up.

He added that many people are giving him a thumbs up, but he's not getting that reaction from one neighbor across the street.

What is wrong with the guy across the street? asked Roy Patty. It's like a parade route. Everybody comes by. I take pride in my house.

I'd never come home and do something like that because I was mad, said Patty. Children shouldn't be able to read something like that.

But McClain sees it differently. That's why I didn't spell it out, he said. Code Compliance says I'm not doing a thing wrong. Then he said, It's freedom of speech.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, McClain is not breaking the law.

SAPDspokesman Matt Porter said McClain did not use profanity, because he did not spell out the expletive. Also, he says according to homicide detectives, McClain did not threaten anyone specifically. Finally, the city is not allowed to regulate what people paint on their homes.

So far, McClain has not gotten any leads on his stolen truck, but if you have any information, give SAPDdetectives a call.

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