SANANTONIO -- The City of San Antonio is becoming brighter, and some say smarter, too.

City council voted Thursday to move forward with replacing 25,000 city streetlights with new energy-efficient LED lights.

The project costs more than $14 million, but city officials said not a dime will come out of the city's budget.

The project qualifies for $2.2 million in rebates, and the rest will be paid for from the energy savings from the new lights.

We are looking at using the energy savings and the maintenance savings to pay for the project, said Ben Gorzell, the city's chief financial officer. So the project, in essence, pays for itself.

According to the city, the amount of energy saved over the 15-year life span of the LED street lights is equivalent to the energy use of 1,600 homes.

All of downtown's street lights will be replaced along with thousands that line many of the city's major roadways.

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