Parents of a young girl distraught over an alleged sexual misconduct are nowdealing with theuncomfortable reality of the pendinginvestigation.

A twelve-year-old Seguin girl claims an 18-year-old student exposed himself to her while riding on a school bus February 8. She said on February 10 the same studenttold her he was going to have sex with her.

ASeguin mother said her daughter is terrified of her school bus ride after an older boy allegedly used the opportunity to make a sexual advance.

This morning we went to put my daughter on the bus, and he was on the bus, and she refused to get on the bus, said the mother, who didn t want to be identified.

Her 12-year old girl alleges a high school boy dropped his pants and exposed himself from an adjacent seat.

He turned around and his backpack was in his lap and he removed his backpack, and everything was hanging out, the mother added.

Mom said the outcry came from her daughter after the 18-year old continued to expose himself in the days that followed.

She alerted school officials Valentine s Day and filed a report with the Guadalupe Co. Sheriff s office.

Twice he had told her he was going to have sex with her. She had tears coming down her eyes. She was really scared, said mom, describing her daughter s distress.

Mom added that her 7th grader felt trapped, because her stop was one of the last on a bus route that is 18 miles long.

Meantime, mom is left driving her daughter to and from school as the school district and sheriff s investigations continue.

We re taking the allegations very seriously. We ve taken due diligence and investigated. We re looking into both sides of the story to find out if this actually happened. And if it did, what kind of disciplinary measures we have to administer, said Seguin ISD spokesperson Sean Hoffmann.

But that being said, we can t deny this kid or any of our students the ability to ride the bus, pending the outcome of the investigation, he added.

School officials told KENS-5 the parents of both parties originally agreed that the children could stay on the bus, separated, under the driver s supervision.

There were cameras on the bus, but school officials said the data was erased because the girl reported the incident too late.

I can t put her on the bus if she doesn t feel safe, said mom.

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