Kianna Dawkins says her heart sank. She no longer worked for Hawk Electronics, so she had to switch her employee rate cell service to a consumer rate. But when she opened her first month's bill it was for more than $1,400.

Dawkins called to ask why the bill was so expensive. She was told it was because she went over her minutes. Dawkins told the customer service representative that was impossible, that she had unlimited mobile to mobile calls and that everyone she called was on a mobile phone. The representative told her she didn't have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. Dawkins tried to explain to her that her sales representative had told her she did, and fortunately Dawkins had recorded that conversation.

When the customer service representative wouldn't budge, Dawkins asked to speak with her supervisor. But the supervisor told her it didn't matter what she was told, that the sales rep had made a mistake. They said the best they could do was deduct $250 off the $1,429 bill.

That's when Dawkins called Eye Witness Wants to Know.

After we called Hawk's corporate office, their attorney Will Moore called us. We explained the situation to Moore and offered to send him the recorded conversation between Dawkins and the service representative.

After listening to the recorded conversation, Moore sent us a statement from Hawk Electronics. The cellular companythanked us for bringing the situation to their attention, saying they were removing the overage charges from Dawkins' bill.

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